Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We all need to change

I'm not just frustrated anymore; I'm totally fucking pissed off. Not because I can't get a ride or because people won't do something nice for ME. No, I'm pissed off because about 0.01 percent of the American population jumps at the opportunity to do something nice for someone. That's ONE HUNDREDTH of ONE PERCENT!!! As a nation, is that what we're all so proud of? Well, it fucking disgusts me, so I'm going to start taking every chance I get to do something nice for people. I invite you to join me. So peel off your retarded-ass WWJD sticker and DWJWD. Give someone a ride. Give someone a dollar or five. When you see someone who looks like they need some kind of help, ask them what you can do to help them. God damn, just do something nice for someone, will ya!?! We're all so fucking arrogant. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe that's why the rest of the world hates Americans? They
are not assholes; WE ARE ASSHOLES!!! Only we can change that.<p>Was that deep enough?

Blah blah

Man, I figured 3+ days would be more than enough time to get me from Exit 36 to Yellow Springs, but here I am only about 100 miles from where I began Sunday afternoon (functionally only 60). Even if I get a ride right now, all the way to Dayton, there's almost no chance that I'll hit YSO by tomorrow at a reasonable time. Forget the fact that I had hoped to walk approximately the final ten miles. A ride now gets me there at 3:00 or 4:00 AM. Then where do I sleep? Or do I get any sleep on the way there? It doesn't matter anyway because I don't have a ride yet. Yes, I am frustrated right now. Very frustrated.

Dammit, that resend button is

Dammit, that resend button is in the stupidest place.

Thanks but no thanks

I've turned down two shower offers and one food offer today. I also turned down a food offer yesterday. Why? Because I wasn't hungry when the food offers came my way and because a shower would further decrease my chances of getting a ride in a timely manner. Besides, I don't stink. If I really needed a shower, you can bet I would have taken one of the offers.

Y'all probably don't realize how much trouble it can be to prepare for a shower in a truck stop when all your belongings are packed into a backpack. You just about need to turn the thing inside out to access all your bathroom items and clothes, then you have to do it all over again when you're done. And if you forgot anything (which usually does happen), you probably have to go through it all again. It's a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. Oh yeah, and you must do it in a very small space while trying not to get your stuff all wet.

I'm still in Knoxville. Figured I'd be gone by now.

No longer stranded

Larry from NC and Jennifer from PA picked me up a little after noon and brought me to Flying J at I-40/75 Exit 369 (west of Knoxville, I guess). Got here at about 2:00. Looks like there are 11 functional diesel islands here plus a line of trucks out into the road, so I don't expect to be here too long. There are also another two truck stops on the other side of the interstate. Larry gave a few "shout outs" on the CB before he left, to help me find another ride, but that didn't seem to work this time. I just want to get back on the road, so hopefully someone will offer a side soon. If I can just get a ride to Dayton sometime tonight, I'll be very happy.

A perfect example

Guess who's still at I-81 Exit 36 in Tennessee. All you have to do is hold your fingertips up to your temples for a second and let a name come to mind... Did you do it? Did a name pop into your head? If the name was Ryan, you won!!! As always, there is no prize, but don't you feel a sense of accomplishment now? Y'see, Aimless is good for your self-esteem, and I'm glad I can offer you these opportunities.<p>Have I said anything deep lately?<p>If I don't get a ride anytime soon, Allan and Ann will be through here at about 2:00 to get me at least to I-40.<p>I think I missed out on a few chances to get closer to Ohio last night. When people ask me where I'm going, I say I'm trying to get to Ohio or something like that. Most of them assume I want to go north from here, but I need to go south first to get to I-75 in Knoxville. If anyone asks me today, I'm just going to say "Knoxville." Then
after they offer a ride, I'll be more specific.<p>PS - The guy in that truck didn't offer me a ride.