Saturday, December 09, 2006

Centralia, Missouri

While looking at some of my video footage last night, I was disappointed to realize I missed something that may have made for some good viewing. It occurred in Centralia, Missouri, before I'd split from Patrick and Co. (I'll call them "The Truck Crew" for now on).

We were at a Seventh Day Adventist boarding school in the middle of nowhere, watching their boys' basketball team play a game against a team of home-school kids. Sometime in about the middle of the game, the home-school coach was given a double technical foul for being a dick, I guess. Then, with only about 2:00 left in the game and the home team up 57-30, he threw another fit. He ended up stomping off the court like a little bitch and forfeiting the game.

What a terrific role model!!!

Unfortunately I missed it. Even though I had the camera rolling, I was unaware of what was going on, so I just wasn't taping his outburst. Too bad, because it would have been pretty good stuff.

Earlier, during the game, I was kind of checking out some lady I assumed was the mother of a player. After the coach's outburst, I realized that the youngish mom was the brat coach's wife (as well as the mother of a 7th grader who played for the home-school girls' team).

I had the feeling Mommy was checking me out, too. And judging by the maturity level of her husband, I suspect she would have been willing to get down and dirty with me if the circumstances had allowed the possibility for such an event. Normally I wouldn't even think about messing around with a married woman or a seriously involved woman, mostly out of respect for the person she's with, but I think this lady could have talked me into fucking her for a couple days straight, particularly because her husband was such a dickwad.

Anyway, I probably will never post any footage of this event because I just didn't get the good stuff. However, I might post a few seconds of the coach's wife, if there is any clear footage of her.