Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I was there!

I am one of about 50,000 people who will always be able to say, "I was there when Barry Bonds broke the home run record with #756." Unlike almost everyone else, however, I have videotape of the moment. My footage probably sucks, but it doesn't even matter. It's the story that matters, and I'm well on my way to telling an incredible story. Even with all the history-making, the highlight of my night was getting the chance to talk to Erin Andrews of ESPN. Before the game, she and her crew were preparing to do some kind of segment about the people hanging out behind right field. They never did it, though, I guess because overtime in a WNBA game forced ESPN to join the Giants game in progress. There's just something about Erin Andrews. She should be my sweetheart. I loved it when she went off on some dude who took a picture of her from right in her face. She's so adorable. The weird thing is
I wasn't nervous talking to her. I never got a chance to pitch my web site to her. More later.