Saturday, January 10, 2009

Heart of glass

I received an e-mail from Beverly Hills Police Officer Tyler Blondi (aka Axel Foley) tonight. Really cool guy. You may remember my post about my encounter with him a few months ago.

Anyway, I was just thinking about the half-hour or so that I interacted with him, and it occurred to me that it would have been awesome if I somehow could've caught that encounter on tape. That and a million other things.

Here's one thing I learned from my time on the road: If a TV network or just someone with money to invest ever manages to find enough insight to send a camera crew out on the road with a tramp--could be me or ANYONE who does what I've done--they will end up with hours and hours of some of the most interesting, most intriguing, and most valuable video footage you could ever imagine. In other words: Yeah, I had a brilliant idea when I decided to hit the road as a bum with a camera. I just didn't have the resources or connections to do everything right. Fortunately I have what it takes to write what I think will be an incredible book.

Maybe my book will be the trigger that finally awakens prospective investors.

Aimless Video Evidence