Monday, June 11, 2007


(I'm sending this both to the blog and to Allan.) Allan, if you and Ann head back to the lake Tuesday, you might want to give me a call because I might still be here at Exit 36. I'm not having much luck getting a ride here, and it would be a shame if y'all drove right on past me. Oh, wait... I guess you don't actually drive this way to the lake, do you? (To blog readers: The last blog post was not meant to carry a derogatory tone toward truckers. I think truckers are all-right people; I was just pointing out something that's very true among a large percentage of truckers.)

Scenes from a truck stop

A tour bus and a couple trucks pulling "Allan Jackson Tour 2007" trailers pulled in here at about 5:45. Earlier today some Brooks & Dunn trucks went by me, too. I wonder if they're touring together. (I wonder if I know any of their stuff.)<p>It just blows my mind how many truckers I see carrying HUGE hot/cold cups into the truck stops to refill their favorite drinks. I'm talking half-gallon huge or even bigger. I don't know if they fill up with coffee or pop or what, but I think one thing's for sure: it ain't water or Gatorade. I don't know how they can drink that much of ANYTHING, at least just sitting there for hours. And many of them wonder why they're so fat. Really, they do.

Fun fun fun

Damn this is getting unfun. I'm still at Exit 36, feeling really stranded. It's not ridiculously hot outside but it is reasonably hot and humid. The T(&)A truck stop is a dump with no AC, but the Pilot truck stop is fucking freezing inside. I'm at Pilot in the Subway dining area, which is nearly hidden from everyone who might even think about offering me a ride. But I can't get a ride when I stand around the truckers' entrance, either, and at least I can sit here. In addition to all that, there's not enough traffic at this exit to warrant two truck stops. As you may have guessed, the two truck stops are also about half a mile from each other, on opposite sides of the interstate. Urgh!


I'm really curious to know how many people read this blog regularly and who they are. If you read it regularly, would you please leave a comment or send me an e-mail (even if I already know you're a regular)?<br><br>Having to be back in Columbus every two months for a doctor visit really sucks because it limits my options on days like today. If I didn't have to worry about time right now, I could just take off walking like I did so much in the beginning. But I can't do that because I need to get a ride toward Ohio (and it's illegal to walk along the interstate). Consequently, I get no chance for important exercise, nor do I have much opportunity to meet or interact with people. Plus I'm stuck in a pretty boring place, where I've been for about 20 hours already.<br><br>If I could just get to Knoxville or anywhere on I-75, I would probably be in pretty good shape.

Mor-nang in the moun-tains

What is it about this one chick that's made me go all irrational thinking like? Is she really something special or am I just being stupid? Maybe it's both. Whichever it is, it's time to forget her. Time for Ryan to forget her and time for Aimless to forget her. She had her chance with both, but she passed on each (unless she's e-mailed me since yesterday afternoon).