Saturday, October 29, 2011

Court in Rhode Island

Whydibuy asked in a comment on the previous post how my court appearance went. Unfortunately I can't answer that because they did it without me; I was in a holding cell during my court appearance. I didn't even know it was happening until after it happened. From what I've heard, though, the prosecution extorted my folks for a couple hundred bucks.

I didn't even know my parents were coming to Rhode Island until my mom showed up to visit me in jail the night before my court date. They made the trip because we couldn't communicate and because they didn't know if I was gonna have ANYTHING when I was released. That's because the people who work in RI's Department of Corrections are a bunch of criminal scumbags who tell you with a straight face that all your shit will be thrown away before you get out of jail. They refuse to let you do things like make one phone call to let your family know you're not dead. And when you go to the property window to obtain your street clothes before you board the bus to the courthouse, they tell you your clothes were already thrown away, thus leaving you wearing jail jumpers to the courthouse (and possibly out of the courthouse). They are the biggest pieces of shit you could ever hope to meet. Except two of them: a sheriff at the courthouse named Carl and lady in the jail named Nunez.

I'm in suburban Baltimore now. Probably gonna take a train to DC this afternoon to visit my good friend Jeff. It's cold and raining/snowing.

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