Friday, January 05, 2007

Thank you

I want to thank the following people for their assistance and cooperation on my recent journey (in chronological order):

Dennis Cox of Cedar City, Utah
Alicia Clegg of Cedar City, Utah
Tony Parra of Cedar City, Utah
"That guy by the MGM Grand" of Las Vegas, Nevada
Josh Ellis of Las Vegas, Nevada
Chris ??? of Las Vegas, Nevada
Tom Chrastka (pronounced "Kraska") of Las Vegas, Nevada
Hamilton Chase Titus of Las Vegas, Nevada
Adam ??? (Bartender at Cheers) of Las Vegas, Nevada
Bernie ??? (Bartender at Cheers) of Las Vegas, Nevada
Quincy ??? (Bartender at Cheers) of Las Vegas, Nevada
Adam Siegel of Las Vegas, Nevada
Tim ??? of Las Vegas, Nevada
Matt O'Brien of Las Vegas, Nevada
Shawna ??? of Las Vegas, Nevada
Greg ??? of Las Vegas, Nevada
Joe Sacco of Las Vegas, Nevada
Bonnie at the Freakin' Frog, Las Vegas, Nevada
Eric Johnson of Las Vegas, Nevada
Jeff Norris of Beaumont, California
Don MacKay of Beaumont, California
Dave Jones of Beaumont, California
John Martin of Banning, California
Walter Dexter of Cabazon, California
Pedro Chacon, possibly of Palm Springs, California
Rudy Montez of Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Otis Gunn of Quartzsite, Arizona
Reva Callaway of Quartzsite, Arizona
Martin Cole of Quartzsite, Arizona
Jessie Payne of Quartzsite, Arizona
"John" of Quartzsite, Arizona
Mark Ellis of Goodyear, Arizona
Earl Wordlaw of Memphis, Tennessee
Brian Riley, possibly of Memphis, Tennessee
Craig Huffman of Smyrna, Tennessee
Troy Bracken, possibly of Jackson, Tennessee
Eric Martin of Lexington, Tennessee
Matt Reel of Nashville, Tennessee
Shawn Sullivan of Nashville, Tennessee (Rhode Island)
Roman Powell of Maineville, Ohio
Erin Powell of Maineville, Ohio
Claudia Powell of southwest Franklin County, Ohio
Larry Powell of southwest Franklin County, Ohio
Grandpa Richard Denlinger of Farmersville, Ohio
Grandma Janice Denlinger of Farmersville, Ohio
Mark Powell of Germantown, Ohio
And all of my extended family, who helped make Christmas 2006 a truly memorable day for me.

I think that is a pretty complete list. If I left you out, please let me know. I hope I'll get a chance pretty soon to describe what all these people did for me, but I have so much stuff to do right now, I don't know when it will happen. Until then, thank you, everyone. I appreciate everything.