Sunday, March 22, 2009

Only you can make a difference

There are a couple reasons why I've been rather cryptic about all this TV series stuff. First of all, I know almost nothing about it. Second, I didn't want to piss off the people at NBC by talking about things they probably want kept secret.

So now you know it was NBC who contacted me. Specifically, it was Peacock Productions, the non-fiction division of NBC Universal.

I can't keep quiet about this anymore because I was just moved to tears by a 60 Minutes piece about a homeless, schizophrenic cellist in LA. If you saw this piece, I hope it brought you to tears, too, because that was Aimless. It was a day in the life of Ryan the tramp. The difference is that the network people spend years looking for that kind of character, while I live among them and meet them everywhere I go. (If you didn't see the piece, keep an eye out for a movie called The Soloist because it's about this guy.)

If NBC recruits me to go back out on the road with their cameras following me, that's the kind of stuff you're going to get to watch, except there will be 100 times more of it and there will be hundreds more compelling characters, each of whom will make you laugh and cry and learn and grow as a human.

People seem to want me to provide that kind of stuff here for free, but I can't do it all by myself. With NBC behind me, I will be able to give you everything you want, in a way that no one else on this planet can do it. However, I'm beginning to doubt that I will ever hear from NBC again.

If you want to see the story I've been trying to show you, then you need to help me. You need to e-mail these people and tell them I am the guy they're looking for. You also need to spread the word about Aimless and get other people to tell NBC I am the guy they're looking for, just in case they can't figure it out on their own.

There is no one else who does what I've done. If you let NBC choose someone else to do the job I created, they're going to end up producing a watered-down, sensationalized version of Aimless, and you're going to end up feeling ripped off. Do you want that?

Even with all my blog posts and videos, I still have not shown you anything yet. This is your best and last chance to help me give you what you want.

Aimless Video Evidence