Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Daily Show

I want to be on the Daily Show. Not next week, not next month, but eventually. Perhaps whenever I Aimless my way to the New York City area. That would be cool, and I happen to believe I'm doing something worthy of earning me a few minutes of hanging out on TV with 'the man' Jon Stewart, as will become more evident in time.

Hell, I could even make an appearance "in character." I'd just take my dad's cheapo-ish camcorder onstage with me and tape the whole thing. That is, unless someone out there who fancies himself or herself a wise investor starts realizing that they could cash in by providing me some better equipment. Then I could take a nice prosumer camcorder on the show with me.

Now who's done that before?

I don't mean "Who has appeared on the Daily Show before in character?" because I can answer that one myself. What I mean is: Who has appeared on the Daily Show, creating their own independent video entertainment project at the same time as being the guest of the day's Daily Show? It's entertainment within entertainment. It's exponential! It's even better than having Chris Dodd on the show.

Jeez, they ought to be looking for people like me to invite onto the show occasionally anyway, instead of inviting a bunch of people whose only reasons for appearing are to complete the talk show circuit, to promote their big-budget films and books for big-business studios, publishers, and PR firms (and other shit like that).

So Jon Stewart, Google your name soon and follow the link to this blog entry.

Wait a minute, I probably ought to include some more words if I can expect this post to ever turn up near the top of a "Jon Stewart" search.

OK, I'll mention Stephen Colbert, too. Stephen Colbert: If you want to beat your mentor to it, I'm sure you could probably get me to appear on your show. Just talk to my people. (I am my people.)

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