Thursday, May 22, 2008

Home Part 1


Shelley (sp?) and Richard out at the muddy marsh. (There will be a lot more pictures coming. I can only do one at a time.)

Common Ground

Today I kinda hooked up with a relief group called Common Ground Relief. They occupy a few buildings on Deslonde (Street?), adjacent to where the levee broke. After volunteering to help them in any way I could, I ended up planting some marsh grass in a marsh to the northeast of New Orleans. We didn't get much done because a thunderstorm roared in. When we got back to the Ninth Ward, I washed some dishes in their "mess hall." I'll be staying in their building at Deslonde and N. Roman (my brother's name) tonight. --> The pic is of the new levee, where the old one broke. (Looks like my finger got in the way.)

Not coming home

Someone lived here three years ago.