Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Davenport Roadhouse

I am at a restaurant/inn called the Davenport Roadhouse, charging my phone because it was completely wiped out. I have no idea what town I'm in and frankly I'm sick of walking this road. (I'm probably 15 miles out of Santa Cruz.) It's cold and windy outside, and I really don't expect to get a ride anytime soon. Right now I just want to get to Sacramento ASAP. Leg 2 has gone very smoothly so far, but it's time for a break. I put on my last clean pair of socks today and I don't want to have to wear them beyond tomorrow. My still camera isn't working right, which sucks because I took a bunch of pictures yesterday that should have been awesome at Wilder Ranch State Park. For some reason, though, all the pictures I've taken since arriving at the park look like bad reception on a TV, even though the LCD looked fine when I took the pictures. I guess San Francisco is the next city I'll see
because I don't think this road goes anywhere else. Hopefully I'll be there sometime today.