Monday, October 09, 2006

Smoking saves lives

When I went outside to smoke at about 4:30, I somehow noticed a snake in the swimming pool. Since I haven't paid much attention to the pool in quite a while, I had no idea how long the snake had been in the water, nor could I tell at first if the snake was even alive. After a few seconds I determined the snake was alive, as its head was above the water and it relocated when I approached.

Instead of lighting my smoke, I went into the pool house to grab a net and a pole, which I used to rescue the little guy. Had I not noticed the critter, it most certainly would not have been able to escape on its own because the water is at least 8 inches below the top of the pool and the snake is not more than a foot long.

I'm proud of myself for saving the snake. I'm not sure most people would have done it.

By the way, I love snakes.