Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oh my god, just wait

Oh my god, just wait for my next post. I'm getting drunk on brandy with a bunch of tramps.

Another near-disaster

Last night, about 200 feet before reaching my final destination, I took a bad step on a curb, placing my whole body's weight on my left foot while my left foot rolled off the edge of the curb. It was just like what happened to me in Arizona last December, with one important difference: This time I was wearing hiking boots with adequate ankle support. Had I been wearing the same shoes I wore last December, my ankle would've snapped, crackled, and popped all over again. I think it would have happened with these shoes, as well, had I not laced them so tight. Same ankle, too. Fortunately I came out of it without any injuries... After waiting at various spots on the on-ramp for 2 hours, with no shade available, I decided to wait right beside the freeway under the Soquel Dr overpass because the freeway traffic is barely moving, which means I could possibly get a ride from someone already on
the freeway, as well as someone coming down the on-ramp... CHP ruined it; I'll be back. Shift change?

Leaving Santa Cruz?

Thinking I was only about 5 miles from the heart of Santa Cruz when I woke up yesterday, I figured I'd only walk maybe 10 miles for the day. Boy was I wrong; I ended up walking 19.5 miles. On the way into town I noticed what I thought might be a good place to camp out, at 2200 Soquel Dr. The place looked empty yesterday, so I expected it to be the same today, seeing how it's Sunday and everything. Good call, Ryan. I put up the tent behind the building and slept until 10:00, I think. Shortly after I woke, 2 guys showed up to blow the leaves and debris, but they didn't care that I was there. Walking toward the freeway, I stopped at a gas station to wash my hands; I ended up charging my phone and talking to the attendant, Ron, for a couple hours. Very cool guy. I got out here on the on-ramp from Soquel to Rte 1 North at 2:00, and now I'm just trying to get to San Francisco, San Jose,
Oakland, or Sacramento. Don't care which city; any one of them is perfectly fine with me.