Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Live from Chinatown

"I quit coffee... Yeah, today's my tenth day without it," said some twentysomething woman as she walked by me this morning. What a drama queen.

At Market & Octavia, I heard a jingly noise as a bicyclist approaching me dropped something. When I looked down to see what made the noise, the guy said, "Woo hoo... Don't want to lose that thing. "That thing" was his crack pipe.

It really pays to know your way around San Francisco. For example, I was walking north on Stockton on my way to the Chinatown library (Powell & Jackson) when I decided to take a left on Clay to get to Powell. It was clear that I would have to walk up a steep hill on Clay to get there, but I did it anyway because I figured I'd have to walk up the hill no matter which route I took. Wrong! When I took the right on Powell, I ended up walking right back down. If I'd only stayed on Stockton until the next street, it would have been a pretty level path.

I only have 4 minutes left on this computer. When my time is up, I'm going to buy some oranges from a shop in Chinatown. (I bought 5 oranges yesterday.) After I buy the oranges, it'll be time to head to the ballpark and charge up at one of the stadium's exterior electrical outlets.

Gotta go now. If you watch the Giants game tonight and they show the boaters outside the stadium, look for me and my green hat in McCovey Cove (right outside the stadium beyond the first base foul pole). I will be right up against the railing beside the water.

The Quasi-Aimless Trailer

Giants game recap

I guess I didn't mention that you can actually see the game from outside AT&T Park. The right field fence is chain link and there are rooms behind it where they let a small number of people in for free, but only for 3 innings at a time. Every 3 innings they let different people in. You can also see the game pretty well even from behind the rooms. I never went inside (even though I eventually had a ticket), because I could see everything I wanted to see from where I was. I stayed at the very back of the concourse, about ten feet inside the 1st base foul pole. I actually had a very good time. I met a lot of cool people, including a pretty woman doing camera work for TBS Japan. She got some footage of me (and Dave Dennis) with my camera. She was cool. I hope to see her again tomorrow. If Bonds doesn't hit that homer tomorrow, I may stick around SF longer than I planned. I had a really good
spot to get some money footage. If I'm there whenever he hits it, he better hit it to the water.