Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hey you

Hey you, in the Gameday crowd in Austin. You, the one holding up the sign that looks like an Ohio State logo but actually says "Overrated" instead of "Ohio State."

You're stupid.

Not because you like Texas. Not because you don't like Ohio State. You're stupid because your sign suggests that tonight's game doesn't matter much for Texas unless they lose. By your logic, if Texas wins, it will have been a win over a crappy team, much like Texas's game last week. A win over "overrated" Ohio State is expected and should not bring any new respect or attention to your team. However, if Texas loses, Texas must really suck because they will have lost to an overrated team.

Your logic, not mine.

Ohio State/Texas prediction

Ohio State 38, Texas 24

That's my official prediction for the big game in Austin tomorrow night (or tonight, as it is currently well after midnight EDT).

Go Bucks!