Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reggie Green, Fireman

I just talked to a really cool fireman named Reggie Green for a while after he let me fill up my water bottles at the Lower Ninth Ward "firehouse," which is actually a trailer in a parking lot. --> The Lower Ninth Ward is not a dangerous place. How could it be? No one lives here anymore or has any reason to be here, particularly north of Claiborne (Avenue?), near the Intracoastal Waterway, where the levee broke. (Check out the satellite images on Google Maps because they are post-Katrina. I checked it out from a library today.) Most of the people you see here are construction workers. Believe me, though: Most of the "houses" don't have anyone working on them. In a lot of places, most of them don't even exist anymore. --> The pictured house was somewhere else before the levee broke. Can you see how it has been forced up against the other house?

A picture

Here's a picture.

Cajun gold conclusion

Before I left JJ's property, JJ gave me some MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat). You know, the things that come in a green package, usually reserved for military folks in the field. I've eaten two of them so far (of five), and they're pretty good. However, they weigh about two lbs each and I find them very awkward and messy. Much of the weight comes from the packaging, but the food itself is heavy, too, because none of it is dehydrated. Also, each one has about three different meal components that require heating, but it's only equipped to heat one. I would think the military could figure out a more efficient way to feed their guys. Or maybe I just need to learn how to use them. I'm glad I finally got a chance to try some MREs, though. Thanks JJ. --> I spent yesterday walking from Metairie into New Orleans. Spent last night near I-10 & St. Bernard, beside the on-ramp to I-10 East, in a
neighborhood where most white folks would be afraid to even drive. --> Right now I'm in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Cajun gold Part 12

When we pulled into Best Buy's parking lot, I realized I'd been there before. It was back in 2005, during my six-week visit with Jeff, when he lived in Hammond. Anyway, the guys went in and looked around while I bought some tapes. Then we all went outside and prepared to say goodbye because this was my last stop with them. It was awkward and difficult for all of us to say goodbye because they all treated me like family during the two days I spent with them. Not just JJ and Luke, but everyone I've mentioned (excluding Kristina and Pete). And that's what I meant when I titled this series of posts 'Struck Cajun gold.' --> It was really hot Monday and I could tell it would be easy to find somewhere to sleep in Metairie, so I chose not to walk very far. I just walked a couple miles toward New Orleans and hung out for a while in the Clearview Mall (where I'd also been with Jeff). The AC was
pumping hard and there was plenty of electricity to charge my phone as I wrote several blog posts...