Monday, May 05, 2008

30-mile conclusion/Goodbye?

Friday morning a trucker from Missouri named Pete set me up with my first shower in 17 days. After the shower I did my laundry and talked to Pete. It poured down rain all day, so I was unable to resume my walk to Oxford until Saturday. --> This is my final post until someone either figures out how to get me an ultralight laptop or donates one. I am tired of wasting hours to write one or two short blog posts with this phone, and I am sick of Verizon intruding and ruining my posts with their propaganda. --> This blog is not for me; it is for the people who read it. I've paid a huge price to create the experiences that make this blog exist. Well, I'm no longer willing to continue making all these sacrifices if no one appreciates them. I'm not quitting Aimless; I'm just not sharing it anymore because it's too much trouble without the right tools. --> If you want this blog and this project
to continue, it's time to start making some sacrifices. It's simple economics. Goodbye.