Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Madison, Wisconsin TA truck

The Madison, Wisconsin TA truck stop manager failed to take advantage of his opportunity to not be an asshole for once. Everyone else was cool.

Random thoughts

Lately I've been thinking about how long I might stay out on the road before finally heading home to turn my raw footage into a documentary. At first I guess I thought I'd stay out here perhaps until I can no longer stand the cold of the next winter, but I'm starting to think I'll be doing this for at least another year. It's this simple: If I don't do it for at least a year, Aimless won't be an epic adventure; it'll just be a half-assed stab at a great idea... I slept in the tent last night, on the periphery of the truck stop's property. Good thing I did because the tent was still very wet from the rainy night in Dayton almost a week ago. Thankfully it was dry here last night; now the tent is dry as well. (It rained like a mofo here two days ago; like 3 inches in the first half-hour, and it went on and on.) ... Boy I'm sick of being here now. It's time for someone to give me a ride...
Apparently Fox "News" wants us to believe Rudy Giuliani prevented 9/11.

Truck stop diners

I'm starting to appreciate truck stop diner conversation; I need to remind myself to participate in such conversations more frequently (and/or tape them). I've been talking to truckers and truck stop workers all day, so it doesn't really feel like I've been at this truck stop for over 30 hours. (I spent about 14 of those hours in Jason's truck, too, so that's a little misleading.) Nevertheless, I'm tired and ready to get a ride about a thousand miles down the road. In these talks, I've found that there are some really cool truckers but there are some wacked-out assholes, too. Normally I don't find myself in position to talk to the assholes because they walk on by whenever I stand alone by the fuel islands. In here they join the conversations in which I'm already participating... Lynn Weatherford hooked me up with some dinner (breakfast) tonight. However, I spent $5.26 at Taco Bell for
lunch, so I'm down to $32... It's really slow right now, so I don't see myself getting a ride soon.