Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Intro to Idiocracy

If you have not seen the movie Idiocracy, see it now. There is a whole bunch of stuff I want to say about it, but I'll just quote some stuff from an IMDB message board for now. (You'll probably have to register before you can read any of the boards. It's OK to register; no hassles or fees or anything like that.)

I watched "Idiocracy" on DVD last night, which happened to be Australian election night. Flip-flopping between the DVD and the TV news coverage, the people started to become interchangeable - one set of morons for another. Crowds on the TV were screaming and roaring at the slightest provocation, drowning out commentators, much to their annoyance, and raising the ire of politicians trying to make their points. Any sign of intelligence was sadly missing, and politicians appealing to the lowest common denominator were rewarded by the loudest cheers (and votes).

In addition to stupidity, the film notes how life 500 years from now is preoccupied with sex and violence. What do we see on the TV news every night, and in our newspapers - rapes, internet predators, pedophiles, Paris Hilton, accompanied by pub brawls, neighbourhood brawls, people being glassed, stabbed, bashed.

You're right - sadly, it's already happening.

Mike Judge is brilliant. I want to work with him for free someday. Writing, acting, or anything. I don't care.

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