Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big droopy titties

Well, I finally got a ride yesterday after my road ended at the 101, south of Gilroy, leaving me with nowhere to walk. The ride was from a local woman named Brandy, who was wearing a tank top (or wife-beater) with no bra. Functionally she was topless, because every time she moved, if I was looking at her, I caught an unwanted glimpse of a big, droopy, ugly titty. I like getting a sneak peek at a nice pair of titties just as much as any other hetero dude, but these weren't nice titties. The ride only got me about five miles down the road, to a pretty bad exit. Additionally, I'm out of food and I have nowhere to get more food. --> So here's a pic of my new backpack. I usually can't make it stand up like this because the sleeping bag compartment at the bottom is too small, which sucks. Mostly I really like this backpack, but it's already starting to come apart in a couple places (after
less than two weeks of really using it). I'll probably end up exchanging it for a new one.