Wednesday, July 11, 2007

LA subway

Wow, this subway system is nice. The ride is incredibly smooth and fast. It only took about 22 minutes to get from Hollywood/Highland to Union Station. Union Station is really cool. The Gold Line to Pasadena is mostly above ground, making it much easier to see things. Interestingly there are no turnstiles in the whole system; they use an honor code or something. But you have to have your ticket on you at all times, in case they come looking. Looks like there is some kind of filming going on at Wardlow station (Blue Line). Aimless officially reached its second ocean today at 1:15 PM PDT, in Long Beach. Heading back north, I got off the train to watch the filming. It's a short film called "Stitches." After talking to the director and camera operator for a few minutes, they actually filmed me getting on the train, as an extra. When I arrived at the next station, I crossed the platform and
went right back to talk to them some more. The director, Pamela Johnson, gave me $5. Thanks Pamela.

LA Day 2

I bought a couple slices yesterday at a place called Johnnie's New York Pizzeria in a little mall below a skyscraper. I think it's funny that they have the balls to call it "New York Pizzeria" because they use a conveyor oven. Pizza baked in a conveyor oven is the antithesis of New York pizza. I only ate there because the price was reasonable. The pizza wasn't bad. There was a bunch of people setting up for some kind of movie shoot at Hope & 2nd in the afternoon. From there I began walking toward Hollywood. The best view of downtown LA is at 1st St & Beaudry. I walked 16 miles yesterday, ending up just north of Hollywood Blvd near Highland, getting a little bit of sleep on some portable steps outside a portable office trailer. There are homeless people everywhere in LA. In the daytime you see them sleeping on benches and sidewalks. I think I'm going to buy a $5 day pass today and
explore metro LA via train and bus. Time to get going.