Friday, August 18, 2006

Introducing Harry Roland

Some of you have probably seen Harry Roland in action at the World Trade Center site. Some of you have even met him. Others may have read about him in a newspaper article. I'm sure I speak on behalf of most of the people who have met him when I say: What an awesome guy!

[Harry Roland]

For those of you who have no idea who Harry Roland is, he worked in one of the World Trade Center towers until September 11, 2001. Now he spends his days on the perimeter of the big hole where once stood the mighty twins, teaching WTC visitors about the World Trade Center and the most infamous day in American history. As you'll notice in the picture, he hangs a jug from his neck, in which his "students" may place dollar bills as a way of saying thanks.

Harry represents one of the many different kinds of people I'll be hoping to encounter after I hit the road to make Aimless. He is charismatic and he has something valuable to say, without saying it in an interview or even for the camera. And even if I have already decided I'd like to include him in the documentary, I won't be breaking my rules because I was aimless when I first witnessed Harry Roland in person.