Sunday, May 18, 2008

Struck Cajun gold

I slept behind a Century 21 office in Raceland last night, then started walking toward New Orleans this morning. Tired from 4.5 miles without a break, I went into a small truck stop and found a seat in the dining area. Soon three guys sat near me. Seeing all my gear, one of them asked me (with a distinctly Cajun accent) what I was doing. After I told him a little about my travels, he offered to buy me something to eat. Introducing himself as JJ, he instructed me to order some food, so I ordered a catfish and oyster po-boy and resumed my chat with JJ (looking goofy in pic), Luke (pictured), and Greg. --> I figured the guys would leave when they finished their lunch, but they hung around and kept talking to me. Then, when I finished my kick-ass po-boy, JJ offered me a ride eight miles up the road and said something about going for a ride on a boat. Already getting a feel for JJ's
personality, I thought he may have been bullshitting about the boat ride, but I accepted the lift offer...