Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Buckeye State

Ivan dropped me off in Fairborn at I-675 & Dayton-Yellow Springs Road at about 7:30. I immediately went to the nearby Skyline Chili restaurant for dinner, where I called Jeff (currently residing in Wisconsin) to let him know I was only a moment away from being served his favorite cuisine. (You won't find Skyline very far outside Ohio.)<p>My server, Zach Davis, took quite quite an interest in Aimless and sat down to chat with me for a while. We talked so much, I held cheese coney #2 for at least ten minutes without taking a bite. He ended up bringing me another one for no charge. That was cool. And for that he gets his name in the credits.<p>I guess I'm only about two miles from Yellow Springs now, so I should be camped out in my favorite camping spot not too long after midnight.<p>I'll tell ya, you meet some interesting folks at the truck stops sometimes. I need a camera crew with me
sometimes, to capture our conversations in ways that I can't. Aimless could so easily be a huge series.

...And my city was gone

I got a ride at about 11:50 with Ivan Angelov. He's Bulgarian and he's taking me to Dayton. I don't know exactly where yet, but anywhere will be fine. I guess I should look at a map to find out what exit might be good for me.<p>We just stopped for lunch in Corbin, KY. I'm hoping to be in Dayton by about 6:00.<p>Forget what I said last night about WWJD. Don't do something nice for someone just because you think Jesus would do it. And don't do something nice for someone just because I told you to. That would be insincere.<p>Instead, do something nice for someone out of the kindness of your heart. Do something nice for someone because you sincerely want to make the world a better place, at least for one person at one moment in time. It might just make the whole world a better place for everyone, at every moment in time. Do something nice for someone because it makes you feel good.