Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ready to eject

I thought we were going to continue heading toward Owensboro, Kentucky this afternoon and evening, but we're still in or near Columbia, Missouri, apparently for the night. That sucks for me because: 1) I wanted to get all the way to Evansville, Indiana tonight to see Brad "Fishbone" Perkins, whom I have not seen in at least ten years; 2) I've been stuffed in a truck with two guys and a broken-legged, pissing chihuahua (sp?) for almost every minute of the last five days; and 3) Since there is currently no one driving, I have nowhere to sleep. --> I've enjoyed riding with these guys--they're both very cool--but spending five days in a crowded truck wears on you. There is almost no chance I will accept any more rides from one coast to the other and back. From now on, all rides will be one-way, with a few possible exceptions, like if I cross paths with Travis again. (Hey Travis: If you're
out there, give me a call sometime.) --> See ya sometime tomorrow, Brad.


Hey Brad (Fishbone): We'll be arriving in Owensboro tonight to deliver a load, but they won't accept the load until Friday, so I was thinking maybe we could meet up somewhere if you're available. I know this is really short notice, but I just found out myself. We're in Kansas City right now (at about 3:00 CDT), so it'll be a while before we hit Evansville; it'll be sometime tonight. I guess you can just call me if you have some time to hang out. (There are surely many other possible options.) Y'know, I don't have to go all the way to Knoxville with these guys, either. I can do whatever I want. --> I love Oregon. I could see myself calling Oregon home someday.