Friday, December 01, 2006

Boy I need a laptop

There is so much to talk about right now because I have had such an incredible, exhausting experience the last couple weeks. However, because I am borrowing a computer, I'll keep it pretty short.

I intended to spend maybe a couple days in Vegas before heading back toward Ohio, but I ended up staying there for about 9 days, I think. During my stay, there were a couple nights that I didn't have anywhere to sleep and didn't want to waste energy or money on getting a hotel/motel room, so I hung out at Cheers (bar) all night. I want to thank the bartender, Quincy, for putting up with me and letting me get a little nap one of those nights.

I ran out of money in Vegas (don't ask), but a couple people were kind enough to give me some before I headed back out on the road. First a bartender at the Freak'n Frog, Bonnie, gave me five dollars from her night's tips. Then Eric Johnson, a guy I used to know when I lived in Vegas (but not very well), slipped two twenties into my bag after he gave me a ride to Tropicana and 95, where I tried to find a ride out of town. Now that's just kindness beyond what anyone could expect, and I appreciate it immensely.

After Eric dropped me off near the Tropicana on-ramp, I waited four and a half hours for a ride before finally realizing I wasn't going to get a ride there, so I started walking south (off the highway). I figured Tropicana was a horrible place to get a ride because it's all local traffic. After a couple miles of walking, I made it to Sunset Road, where I caught a bus to Sunset Station hotel & casino and got a room for the night.

I ended up staying at Sunset Station for three nights before finally getting back on the road. (That will never happen with the real Aimless.) When I finally tried to catch a ride away from there two days ago, it was cold and very windy--cold and windy enough to keep me from standing on the on-ramp for very long. So I got me some food at In-N-Out Burger and warmed up. I then went back out to the on-ramp to try again, but after about 15 minutes of cold, heavy wind in my face, I walked to the Chevron station and kept from loitering by putting a buck into the penny poker machine. I'd hoped I might find a ride from the gas station, but it didn't happen.

Then it occurred to me: I'd seen a bus turning from Sunset onto 95 while I was trying to get a ride. The bus said "402" on it. So I asked the Chevron employee if they had any bus information. They did. I found the page with the 402 information and learned that the 402 bus goes to Boulder City, so I was out the door, looking to catch me a 402 bus.

The bus was late, but it arrived. It took me to Boulder City and I found an overpriced cheap motel room. I walked down the street to a retaurant/bar called Tony's, where I ordered some food and talked to my buddy Jeff on the phone. See, Jeff was coming back west from Maine, and he was in Arizona at the time. Jeff and his friend Don ended up meeting me at Tony's, where we hung out for a bit and got some more video footage of stuff. Then we all went to my motel room and shot the shit for a while.

Eventually Jeff and Don headed out, back toward California, but they were back within ten minutes. They were tired, and they thought I'd offered to let them stay in my room, so they decided to come back and check about it. I said no problem, and they stayed with me two nights ago. We all left my motel room together for some breakfast/lunch before deciding where Jeff and Don might take me.

I knew it was coming. I knew I was going to end up in California with Jeff and Don, instead of Hoover Dam or Kingman, Arizona, where I would look for a ride eastward. So here I am in Beaumont, California. We got here yesterday afternoon and haven't really done anything yet. I don't know how long I'll be here, and I don't really care. I am just about out of my medication and I was supposed to see the doctor three days ago, but I'm doing all right. I didn't take any pills yesterday and I haven't taken any today, but I think it's easier than some of the other stuff I've put myself through so far.

One thing I've learned is that I really need a laptop before I set out to do the real Aimless. If I can't update this blog more frequently, then I'll lose people's interest. So I think I might find a part-time, temporary job whenever I get home, to save up for things like a laptop.

Well, I guess that is it for now.

Until next time... Ryan