Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life After People

Life After People: What a pointless series.

OK, the original show was interesting. But a series?!? Gimme a break. It's the same freaking thing week after week: First vegetation overtakes a newly depopulated city and then all the man-made shit falls apart. Meanwhile, domesticated pets end up trapped in their dead owners' homes, with only toilet water to keep them alive for a couple months. (Apparently pets and wild animals are immune to everything that might instantly wipe out the entire human race, like nuclear war.)

What do you think will happen on next week's episode? I can't wait to find out!

I have an idea for a new series: Life Before Life After People. They could call it Aimless or something. Each week it would focus on some guy's unorthodox travels to various populated cities. Unlike Life After People, it would be about the people who still live in these cities and towns. It would be about the people who take our host traveler to these populated cities and it would be about all the interesting things that just happen when some dude decides to pack up his life in a 90-liter backpack so he can wander all over one of the largest land masses on the planet.

Unlike all the mega-stupid reality shows, it wouldn't require any manufactured premises or unknown actors hamming it up for the camera while trying to get their big break. It would not require any expensive special effects or time-consuming (and expensive) research. Unlike Bill Kurtis's productions and most of the news magazine shows, it wouldn't be five minutes of content stretched out to an hour of programming, because there would be no need for time-wasting filler material.

It's very cheap and it's very entertaining, and it's in an era with a million channels of nothing good to watch. Additionally, it's the history series of the future because right now is a very important time in human history. We don't know much about what everyday life was like for people in previous crucial historical eras. Everything we know came from people who either held power or were literate. (Yes, I am illiterate.)

You heard it here first.

Aimless Video Evidence