Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Biggest asshole on the planet

This entry exists for no reason other than to see how many people find their way to Aimless by searching for the terms 'Asshole' and 'George Bush' (or 'George W. Bush'). Let me throw in cocksucker, motherfucker, fuckwad, fascist, fascism, Nazi, liar, prick, fuckface, dickhead, and cunt just to make it interesting. (In case you are not aware, Grandpa Prescott Bush was a financier of the Nazi party. That's not name-calling.)

If you found this blog entry through a Bush search, please leave a comment.

(Update, 10/12/2006: I can't believe I didn't include retard in the list.)

Response to BC and JR

In a recent entry, Stay tuned... Maybe, Betty and Jay made comments to which I've been meaning to respond. Not knowing if they'd ever see my response if I put it on the original entry's comment page, I've decided to respond here instead.

Find Betty's comment here. My response:

Regarding whether I think anyone in my family will ever find their way to Aimless: Even if they don't know the URL of the site, they know enough to find it in a few seconds if they really want to. They know my name and they know I intend to make a documentary (or a movie). Now let's give Google a try, searching for "Ryan Powell documentary movie." BAM! There you go. No excuses. And yes, my parents, my brother, and a few aunts/uncles/cousins know the site exists.

I really wanted to attend the gathering at Jill and Rob's place. I even made a couple practice loaves of ciabatta in the week leading up to the party (or picnic) to tweak my rough dough formula (or recipe) and preparation methods. Had the picnic been just about any other day, I almost certainly would have been there. That night was bad for me, though, because I really wanted to see the Ohio State/Iowa game and my head has just not been very together lately. I didn't figure other attendees would be as interested in the football game as myself and I didn't think it would be very courteous for me to be there with my mind on the game.

I have not been to Dino's (or YSO) for two weeks. I did plan to head that way today, but my brain and body just were not up to it. You may have read my entry about dextroamphetamine a couple weeks ago; that's pretty much what kept me from going today. The shit is just not working, and it's really pissing me off. It'll be at least a couple weeks into November before I run out of my current prescription and open the next one. It's very frustrating.

It's probably a good idea that I stay away from Dino's/YSO for a while because it was becoming too routine. When I first started going there, it was something new and it felt much different. Lately I've just been that dude who shows up every Wednesday afternoon and hangs around for a while, mostly not talking to anyone and probably not enriching myself in any way. Who knows? Maybe I'll feel compelled to go there tomorrow. Probably not, but it could happen.

I was pretty sure you check out the site very regularly, usually at about 6:15 AM and sometimes in the afternoon, because I check out the stats thoroughly. Now I know that's you. I am Big Brother, y'know.

Find Jay's comment here. My response:

I didn't necessarily use the word 'debt' to mean I'll owe you cash payment in return for your support. But if I end up in position to pay you for your support, and if I feel it's the right thing to do, I'll do it.

You better start writing some Aimless music because I probably won't be able to afford Danny Elfman or the rights to a bunch of hit singles for the soundtrack. (That reminds me. I want to write an entry with a list of songs I think might be good for an Aimless soundtrack.)

You still need to let me know the correct URL for your "new life."

I pity the Aimless fool.