Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Life is just a fantasy

(Can you live this fantasy life?)

Usually when I comment on someone else's blog or message boards I include Aimless's URL in my signature. Such was the case yesterday when I commented on Barbara Ehrenreich's latest blog entry. I admit that not a lot of people follow my links to Aimless, but I must have said something really good yesterday because more than a handful have already made their way here from Barbara's blog.

Last night when I noticed that people were following my link, I checked out my "Recent Visitors" stat page to see if they were looking at any pages other than the front page. Surprisingly about half of them did go beyond the front page, with one person spending over half an hour looking at various Aimless pages, including the Photos section.

Whoever ventured into my Photos section did not look at all the pictures or even most of them. This person mostly looked at the pictures of me, which makes me wonder: Do I have a new secret admirer?

It kind of turns me on to think that someone out there wanted to look at pictures of me, even though I'd like for people to look through the entire repertoire of photos. So who is this person? I imagine it must be one of them female types. And judging by how she found Aimless, I'd assume she probably has a reasonably sexy brain.

Oooh, yeah. You're making me so hot.

Newsflash: We interrupt this daydream to bring you important breaking news... Ryan, you have a very vivid imagination. There's a reason you haven't even touched a girl since like Nam. You are not going to get laid and you are not going to be loved. So stop floating in your tin can and come back down to Earth and buy some porn or something.


Karmaceutical Police


Hmmm, I just noticed this identification in one of my "recent visitors" lists. This means someone from Barr Labs, manufacturer of placebo-quality dextroamphetamine, has found the Aimless blog. Certainly the result of my recent allusions to dextroamphetamine.

What're you looking for, Barr? Am I not the only dexy user reported to have been a zombie for the last month? Why don't you send me some shit that actually works? That shit's not cheap, you know.