Thursday, February 26, 2009

Disappearing act

Ron said:
So, you carry around a camera and don't shoot video or take pics? What kind of journalist are you? No wonder you can not get anyone to fund your endeavor. If you want people to read your book (or blog) you really need to work on your marketing skills.

Oh yea, more pics.

(If you can't read the quote above, just highlight it.)

Hey Ron,

You go out and try to create something out of nothing, OK. You'll end up with A LOT less than I have. I never claimed to be a journalist or a photographer or a writer or a filmmaker.

This has nothing to do with marketing because I'm not selling you anything; I'm giving it to you, and I was giving it to you from the beginning. I knew there was essentially no market for this [documentary] before I ever started. I tried to create a market that I already knew didn't exist, but I may have also begun creating that market, despite obstacles like you. And guess what: It didn't cost me any money. (It cost me some feeling in my left hand and it cost me some of the functionality of my left ankle, as well as some other things, but it hasn't cost me any money.) If I end up creating a real market and getting my book published, well then I think that means I will have won.

I'm gonna close my web browswer in a minute, and I'm not going to open it (or check my e-mail) again for at least a week because I don't need to be distracted by you or any of the other crap that has sucked America's brain out through its nose.

P.S. - I used pink for your quote because you seem kind of wimpy.

Aimless Video Evidence