Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This is an epidemic

OK, I've about had it with all the September 11th "documentaries" that have been airing on A&E, Discovery, TLC, Court TV, et al for the last week or two. Yes, I have been watching them because I guess I keep expecting to see something new, something insightful. But it never happens. Never! They just keep showing the same footage we've been seeing for 5 years. They keep interviewing the same 5 people--Stanley Praimnath, Brian Clark, etc.--asking the same questions and receiving the same answers we've been hearing for the last 5 years. Sometimes it's even the same interview footage from one show to another.

I have no problem with people making documentaries or other informative shows about September 11th because we need to know what happened that day. We need to see what happened that day. We need to see the bodies falling from the top floors of the World Trade Center, not because we are sickos but because it happened. We need to see everything there is to see, even the bodies hitting the ground, because it's the only way we can truly grasp some of the unbelievable things that occurred that day.

We don't need to keep seeing the same shit over and over. We don't need to keep hearing the same shit over and over. We don't need to be protected from the naughty words in the background that naturally occur when people witness something like a 767 hitting a New York skyscraper. All that does is keep us ignorant and in the dark. And we don't need any more of the pathetic attempts to capitalize on our nation's darkest tragedy.

Due to the fact that most people don't actually read what they read, I'll say this again: We need documentaries and other shows about 9/11, but we don't need the shit we're being shown. In fact, the people making these shows should be prosecuted for capitalizing on tragedy, because that is all they're really doing. (I'm half joking there.)

I'm on a time limit here, so I need to scram. Maybe more about this later.