Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another good cop?

The following paragraph is a word for word transcription of a voicemail message I received just before 1:00 last night from this phone number: 305-508-8157 (South Florida).

Yes, hello, uh, my name is Mr. Jones; Mr. Mike Jones. I’m calling in regards to your YouTube video, which is entitled the Aimless episodes with the Collier County Sheriff’s Department. Um, I was just calling you to like, to let you know that, uh, your video sucks and it has wasted approximately 8.3 minutes of my life and, um, you shouldn’t have gave out your phone number on it because I will be calling you repeatedly from here on out. My phone number is 305-508-8157. If you don’t call me within the next five minutes, I will call you at least four times a day from here on out, every day for the rest of your life unless you pay me 2.3 million dollars. Call me back.

I know this sounds almost like a prank call when you read the words, but you'd get a much different feeling if you heard the tone of his voice in the message. "Mr. Jones" didn't sound like he was joking. In fact, he sounded very serious and pissed off, and it was rather creepy.

I imagine this guy found the video by reading the law enforcement-related message boards that have been vilifying me since I started publishing the "Land of the Free" series of posts. What I can't figure out is why so many people think the Collier County video has an anti-cop message. I never even attempted to portray those guys as assholes. If anything, I made it a point to show that they were pretty cool. I mean, I basically chatted casually with the one guy for most of the video. Why are people so stupid?

In case you're wondering, the two "Land of the Free" posts I've published so far are essentially just an intro. It may appear as if I've told you most of the story already, but I'm just getting started. Yes, it should have ended with Part II, according to the law, but it's just the beginning.

I can't tell you right now when I'll publish "Land of the Free, Part III," but it should be up relatively soon. I'm going to refrain from reading new comments until after I finish telling the whole story because some of the comments are stressing me out. The more I get stressed out, the longer it'll take me to tell this story.

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