Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thai cuisine in Palm Springs

The Boys and I went to Palm Springs this evening. They took me to a Thai restaurant, which kind of scared me because I had never eaten Thai before. I was afraid I wouldn't like anything on the menu. Well, I tried the stuff and I liked it; I really liked it.

Normally I don't like sweet stuff on meat, like barbecue sauce or any of the other sweet sauces or goops some people use to contaminate their once-delicious beef or chicken or whatever. This was different, though. The sauces at this Thai restaurant were kind of sweet but not overpowering. I could taste the sauce, but I could still taste the flavor of the meat. Additionally, the kitchen staff obviously knows how to cook the various meats, because the meats were juicy and flavorful, with the sauces adding a new dimension to the flavor.

Tonight's episode is one of the many reasons I need to do Aimless. Not only am I gaining immense emotional wealth through this journey, but I am also being forced to open myself to so many new things, like Thai cuisine. Even if I never make a cent from this project, I will have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams because Aimless is helping me become the person I need to be. I am free, and I'm only getting freer. I only wish y'all could experience this feeling.

Oh yeah, and I shaved my beard a couple days ago. I'm still not used to seeing my face and the new shape of my face. I look so funny now, but it's so much easier not having a big, fluffy, ragged beard.