Friday, September 03, 2010

Cool people

I went into a bar this evening just to ask for some water, but I ended up hanging around for a while because the people were so cool. Someone bought me a beer, while someone else bought me some chips and candy for the road, and the barkeep made me a sandwich. Another dude gave me a pack of smokes just to piss off one of the other guys. This pack might last me close to a week, since I'm kinda in the cut-down/quit phase. (Bet you thought I quit a long time ago, eh.) The bar is called Taxi's and it's in Gilberton, I believe (or Mahanoy Plain maybe). I meet so many cool people constantly, and I wish I could spend more time hanging with them, but you have almost no time to chat when you're doing over 20 miles a day, especially as the days get shorter. --> Temps are supposed to go way down beginning tomorow, so that should help me crank out the miles for at least a few days. --> Man, PA is
really a unique state. No way I could possibly describe why from my phone.

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