Friday, March 09, 2007

Digg it!

Some anonymous professional golfer who lurks here recently told me about, so I just registered on Digg and entered some information about the Aimless trailer(s). I really don't know much about Digg yet, but it seems to be some kind of sovereign democracy. I guess if enough people digg your story, then even more people find out about it.

So I hope some of you folks might choose, with your own free will, to visit Digg and tell 'em ya digg the Aimless trailer.

Oh yeah, and I think I just decided I like the sound of Aimless: The Adventures of an American Vagabond much better than Aimless: An American Documentary. Seriously, the latter sounds really stupid. (I knew that as long ago as last summer, when I came up with it, but I just wasn't trying very hard then.) Well y'know, I'm always trying to improve things a tiny bit at a time. I think that's a pretty big improvement, though.