Sunday, July 01, 2007

Iowa and Wisconsin

William and I just stopped at a rest area near Des Moines to brush our teeth. Inside the small building that houses the restrooms I talked to a woman named Stacy Ginsburg for a few minutes. She happily reported to me that she just got published for the first time. On her laptop she showed me the web site on which she is published, but there was not time for me to look at it closely and I don't think she told me the name or URL of the web site. (Stacy, if you read this, I'd like you to elaborate on what I've said here and link to the web site you showed me. And correct me if I got anything wrong.) Stacy is driving from New Mexico to the upper peninsula of Michigan. She said I really ought to check out the area; lots of interesting people there... William decided to take a different route to Neenah, WI, so we won't be hitting Minnesota. We will be going through Madison, though, so I'll
probably stop and see Jeff. Need to call him now to let him know.

I'm in MO between KC

I'm in MO between KC and Des Moines, I think. Riding with William to MN or WI. Very cool guy. Time to sleep if I can remember how.