Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ready for NCAA Football?

Copied from a Sporting News forum:

I love posts where OSU & UM fans go head to head. Always great arguments in debatably the best rivalry in college football!!

The Backyard Brawl (WVU vs. Pitt), which is our biggest rival game, doesn't compare to the hatred between UM/OSU. I love it!!

Not exactly Aimless-related, but I created Aimless and I am a Buckeye. And although I respect The State Up North and its football team, I'm happy to know that both us and our rivals are respected by outsiders for having such a healthy hate/hate relationship.

Boy it's going to be fun watching Buckeye football this year. People are making a big deal about OSU's defense losing 9 starters, but there are two reasons it will not matter: 1) Ohio State produces a great defense every year, regardless of how many starters return, and 2) OSU's offense will be unstoppable this year. (Remember 617 total yards, Notre Dame? Ain't nobody ever done that to you before. And all but a couple of those guys are back.)

Yeah, "we" really like playing in Arizona in January. It's becoming a tradition and I don't see anything changing next January.