Sunday, October 08, 2006

Some of the best shit ever

If you did not see The Daily Show episode that aired the Monday after Vice President Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face, you missed one of the most brilliantly written segments in the history of entertainment. For those of you who don't have cable (and those who choose to be misinformed and disinformed by "the news" instead of laughing and learning with The Daily Show), here's your chance.

Even though this clip is timeless, you will never be able to appreciate it as much as you may have when it aired, for two reasons: 1) It aired on television, not on a computer; and 2) Because the original airing was only a couple days after the incident, you would have been hearing about it constantly on "the news" for a couple days when this Daily Show episode first aired. You would already have been thinking about it instead of just remembering it. I guess it would have had more shock value or something. All I know is that it was completely hilarious in that context, as opposed to now, when it is merely damn hilarious.

The best part of the clip is Rob Cordry's last line. If you didn't realize how incredibly brilliant this line was, go back to about the 9:40 mark and watch the ending again. (This particular line is actually at about the 10:00 mark, but starting at 9:40 will set it up for you.)

Aimless: The Movie