Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lexington & Jackson

I woke up just west of Lexington yesterday, thinking I had about a 20-mile walk to Jackson. Getting off to a quick start at 8:20, I walked over 4 miles before taking a break. (Just a few days ago, I would usually have to stop after only 2 miles. This must mean I'm starting to become somewhat of a machine again.) Two miles later, a couple named Brian and Theresa stopped to offer me a ride to Jackson, which was good because Jackson ended up being more like 30 miles than 20. --> I hung out by a couple different on-ramps in Jackson yesterday, with no luck, so I found a place to sleep at nightfall. There were thunderstorms last night, but I was prepared. I made sure to choose a spot that wouldn't get flooded, and I did well. --> Today I screwed around for a while, waiting for the tent to dry and stuff. I don't feel like waiting by an on-ramp for hours, so I'm walking south, looking for US 70
west. I just don't seem to have the patience for on-ramps lately.

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