Monday, July 23, 2007

Cause & effect

Oh my, I don't feel very well today. I didn't feel too bad when I woke up, but it's been a struggle getting up the road today. It turns out that Brandy is not such a fine girl. Yeah, I got pretty wasted last night with Allen, J, Maria, Joseph, and "The Butchers" (Denise & Henry). I'm surprised I was able to put up the tent in a timely manner. Maria and J are tweakers. J was pretty tweaked up last night, but I didn't feel threatened in any way. I guess everyone in the pack has their own vices and/or addictions, but they are all harmless, down-to-earth people. They spend most of their time hidden within the woods inside the on-ramp cloverleaf, hanging out and sipping beer. Because they keep the place clean and don't bother anyone, the cops seem to leave them alone. Giovanni gave me $5 before I left this morning. Now that I've walked through downtown Santa Cruz, I know I was never there
Saturday. It's pretty nice, although touristy. I'm now a few miles west of downtown, northbound on 1.