Thursday, August 30, 2007


College football begins in 1 hour and 15 minutes! (Of course, after the way Ohio State got destroyed in last year's national championship game, it's hard to give a shit anymore.)

I'll be leaving Jack & Phyl's house tomorrow. I'd planned on leaving yesterday but it just didn't happen. Then I really expected to leave today, but we talked and decided I'll take off tomorrow instead. Jack & Phyl will join the Fish & Chips Club tonight, entering an elite group that so far only has three (actually 5) other members: Lew Graff, Jay Rivers, and Michael Adair & Family.

Having been around a TV (and "The News") lately, I've seen figures that say the US Congress has an approval rating of something like 18 percent. Wow, what a bunch of stupid assholes! I mean, with all the Republican corruption, bigotry, and incompetence leading up to last year's elections, these dipshits (the Democrats) could have set themselves up for at least a decade of power just by doing the right thing for once. Instead, they've tried to appeal to Republican voters who have already turned against Republican politicians. Apparently the Democrats think they can hold on to power by trying to convince the American public that they're tougher than Republicans, that they hate gay people just as much as Republicans do, etc.

I have a few ideas for the dumb-ass Democrats:

  • End the fucking "war," you god-damn idiots;

  • Do something to help Americans get out of poverty;

  • Crack down on employers who hire illegal aliens. (That alone will solve the "problem" of illegal immigration.);

  • Give us ALL some health care;

  • Tell the corporations--aka "Your Daddy"--to fuck off;

  • Punish pharmaceutical companies BIG TIME for pushing dangerous drugs on us;

  • When American corporations leave the United States so they can pay their workers only a few dollars a day, don't let them sell their shit in this country;

  • Create a realistic minimum wage. (I'm talking AT LEAST $10 an hour, and I say that from the perspective of someone who wants nothing more than to be a small business owner.);

  • Stop making the rest of the world hate us!!!

Represent us, you fucking fucks! Do it because you know it's the right thing to do, or do it because you want to keep your job for the next twenty or thirty years. If you just do the right thing, it might be pretty easy to keep that job for a while. Remember, the regular people of the United States of America, collectively, are your real daddy, and we'll prove it if you force us to.

The revolution has begun, whether it seems that way or not. People who have nothing are beginning to realize they have nothing, and they also realize it's not entirely their fault. Sometimes those people pose no threat, but there just keeps being more and more of them, and eventually they're gonna get pretty pissed off about it. That's when the killing begins. That's exactly how this country was born.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, US Government, you're grossly outnumbered and information travels a lot faster today than it did 231 years ago.

If anyone has an extra ticket to the Ohio State football game at Washington, I want it. I can't pay you with money, but I may be able to pay you in some other way; perhaps a better way. Besides, you know you're not going to be able to get rid of a single ticket, so you might as well give it to me.

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