Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who wants to capitalize on my misfortune?

I'm shocked that I haven't received any phone calls or e-mails from attorneys or civil rights groups in response to the 'Land of the Free' series of posts. In Corporal Jon Chadd's arrest report, his own words establish that I did not commit any infractions. In fact, his report implicates himself in the commission of several serious crimes against me, including police brutality, false arrest, false imprisonment, and kidnapping. This stuff is black and white; there is no gray area. If you don't believe me, read the arrest report and the transcript of my acquittal (if there is one). And if that doesn't convince you, read the law.

What Corporal Chadd and Sheriff Fenwick did to me may not be the most heinous crimes ever committed, but they're still very serious crimes that have been ignored by the justice system. Corporal Chadd's arrest report effectively says, "Mr. Powell committed no infractions. However, I committed serious crimes against Mr. Powell." It's begging for prosecution and a lawsuit. So why hasn't anyone contacted me in an attempt to capitalize on this?

Yes, I want some money out of this because I was victimized by people who are paid to protect me. Corporal Chadd's crimes against me cost me money. Corporal Chadd's crimes against me cost my parents money. These crimes caused me a lot of physical pain and emotional distress that still has not gone away (and may never go away).

What I want most out of this, though, is to make a difference by showing dirty cops that there are consequences to pay when they break the law and commit crimes against people they're paid to protect. I want the American people to know their rights so they don't have to fear that this kind of thing might happen to them. Police misconduct is probably the single biggest threat to the freedom of the American people, but almost no one is talking about it. Well, now I'm talking about it, and I want you to talk about it. When it happens to you, I want you to know your rights. And if you don't know you're rights, I want dirty cops to fear that you do know your rights. And if they still victimize you like they victimized me, I want them to pay for it and I want you to get paid for it.

NEVER talk to cops. Nothing good can come out of it. If you've actually committed an infraction, identify yourself to them when they ask for your ID, and maybe give them some small-talk, but don't tell them ANYTHING. If they ask to search you or your property, don't let them. They have no right, and nothing good can come out of it.

When cops want you to cooperate more than you already have, they lie to you. Cops are trained to lie to you to get what they want because 1) It works; and 2) The law does not give them any other options. Cops lie so much, most of them don't even know the difference between the truth and lies. Don't talk to them! Don't cooperate with them! Don't let them intimidate you! Nothing good can come out of it.

One other tragedy regarding what happened to me in Indiana is that there was no one there to capture it on film. You know how much money that would have been worth, folks? It would have been worth A LOT of money. It probably even would have made more noise and social change than the Rodney King tapes because, unfortunately, Americans are more appalled when cops beat up a white guy than when cops beat up a black guy. And they'd probably be even more appalled to learn that it was someone who was 2,600 miles into a peaceful walk across the United States.

Fortunately there's still hope for you, NBC and every other network, because I can make it happen all over again just by going out and walking for a few days. Y'see, that's how corrupt our nation's law enforcement agencies have become. And I'm probably the only person with the knowledge, the experience, and the balls to expose it. But I can't do it alone.

I'm willing to take another beating if someone else (like a network) is willing to send out a small crew to capture it on film. As I've already pointed out, it would be worth a shitload of money. Oh yeah, and if you do it, you'll also end up with a revolutionary new travel show without even trying.

You're welcome.

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