Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lexington TN

I waited at the Exit 108 on-ramp for about an hour last night, secretly hoping no one would offer me a ride after I'd noticed all the awesome places to camp out. I ended up leaving the on-ramp before it even got dark because I just had to spend a night in the field northeast of Exit 108. It turns out that the field was the site of a Civil War battle called Parker's something or other. --> I made it back to the on-ramp this morning at 10:15 or 10:30, but after about an hour I got sick of waiting. The weather was much nicer than yesterday--cooler and cloudy--so I just started walking south. I'd hoped it was only about 6 miles to Lexington, but I soon passed a sign that told me it was 10 miles. I had no idea if Lexington was even big enough to have any grocery stores, so this was a gamble, considering I only had enough food to get me through tomorrow (eating lightly). Well, the town is big
enough, so I bought some grits and a couple other things. I estimate Jackson is about 20 more miles.

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Happy Birthday, Jeffy!

Happy Birthday, Jeffy!