Monday, April 07, 2008

Quick 6k

We made it to Portland today at about noon or 1:00 PM local time. So it took less than two and a half days to get from Atlanta to Portland. We dropped the trailer somewhere on the south side of town and are now waiting at a truck stop for another driver to bring us the trailer we'll be taking back east. I don't really feel like riding right back through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Missouri, but it just wouldn't seem right for me to part ways with the guys right now, so I'll be going back that way. --> I wish we were near downtown Portland right now because I really need to get to an REI store soon and I know where the downtown Portland REI store is. --> Now Pat is talking about taking a different route back east; maybe down I-5 to Sacramento, then east. That might be cool, except we'd still have to go across Wyoming, Nebraska, and Missouri. Oh, whatever. --> I probably won't have much
to say for the next few days because I'll be riding another 3,000 miles in a Freightliner.