Thursday, October 19, 2006


I don't know where I'll end up taking this entry. Based on the title (it had a different title when I wrote the rest of this sentence), I could write pages of randomly organized thoughts, but that would probably be pretty difficult to follow. Basically I'm just trying to write something because it has been a couple days. And even though my mind produces millions of blog-worthy ideas each day, these ideas always seem to vacate shortly before I get around to writing about them.

OK, so why does honesty and selflessness freak people out so much? Why are people so quick to make you their enemy when you don't completely agree with them? When you contribute to some kind of rhetorical argument by presenting both support and criticism for each side of the argument, why do people feel so compelled to ignore everything you said in favor of their perspective and present your words out of context in an attempt to make you look like an asshole?

Why are people so hateful and manipulative?

Aimless Aimless Aimless Aimless