Friday, July 06, 2007

Big ride west

I finally got out of Madison this morning at about 8:00. Currently (11:33) I'm riding with Miles back to Des Moines. He actually offered the ride at about midnight last night, but we were both looking to get some sleep, so I put up my tent near his truck and met up with him again this morning. Although I had some cool experiences at the Madison TA, I am really glad to be gone... We pulled into Des Moines (Altoona) at about 1:00. Miles is letting me off here and then taking I-35 South to Ft. Worth... Hopefully this ride got me back into the groove that will make the next ride happen pretty quickly. If anything I'm now in a better position to find westbound drivers... Miles gave a shout-out for me when we got to Altoona. For the first time ever it worked. I was on the road by 1:20, riding with Travis Brewster. I think he might get me all the way to southern California, but I'm not
positive yet. I know he is going there; just don't know if he'll take me there. Probably will.