Thursday, April 03, 2008

Metter Part 1

Yesterday morning began with a two-mile walk to I-16, after sleeping in a dormant cotton field. At this exit there was one tiny "truck stop." With only two diesel islands, I didn't bother trying to get a ride there, but I did get some food--a chicken breast & wing, four huge potato-wedge-like thingies, and a roll for about $3.70. After lunch I headed to the on-ramp, where I didn't like my prospects, due to lite traffic and no shade. Nevertheless, I got a ride after less than an hour, to Metter. (Here's where it gets "fun.") --> In Metter I went straight to the on-ramp. Again, with no shade and 85- or 90-degree heat, I waited in jeans and a long sleeve shirt, with a "camp towel" wrapped around my neck for sun protection. Never feeling good about this spot, I waited there for five hours until it started getting dark. --> At nightfall I walked to town so I could look for a two-lane road
that'd take me toward the next exit. I ended up doing yet another unnecessary 7-mile walk to nowhere...