Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I just realized I've walked

I just realized I've walked six miles in the wrong fucking direction. So in a couple hours from now, I will have walked 12 miles to nowhere. Fun.


I find money almost every day when I walk. Not much, but some. Thursday I found a penny. Friday I found two pennies. Saturday two nickels. And Sunday just a penny again. Today, in my first half-hour of walking, I found a dime and a penny. Ten minutes later I found a dime and about a hundred pennies. Less than an hour after that, another dime. Yesterday, however, I did not find any money, which is very unusual. --> A guy named Casey Case gave me a ride to Statesboro yesterday. I normally would have just asked him to drop me off near the interstate, but I was hungry, so I rode to town with him. After making a quick stop at KFC, he dropped me off near his apartment, where I sat and ate outside a doctor's office. Shortly he returned and said I could stay at his place for the night. I took a welcome shower and we talked quite a bit, then Casey brought me the hair clippers I'd asked about.
So, did I have the balls to use the clippers? Find out soon on ... TALES OF AIMLESSNESS