Saturday, June 16, 2007


I'm home. Leg 1 of Aimless is DONE! (I absolutely cannot believe this: THERE IS NO FUCKING WATER IN THE POOL!!!)

Saturday timeline part 2

Leave McDonald's at 11:04 AM. I should be home in maybe seven or eight hours, at which time I will immediately dive into the swimming pool, probably naked. The trail out of London to the east is gravel, so no mile markers. I have to leave the trail after about 5 miles and switch over to Ohio Route 665 for approximately the final eight miles... Trail crossing over Spring Valley Rd. (near 665) at 12:40 PM. Break 12:40 to 1:27. I wonder how many miles my mom has put on "my" car since I left. It was at 14,000 when I left. (She put on 2k when I was gone last year.) I bet it's at least 17k now... 665 & Glade Run at 2:14. Only 8 miles left. Break from 2:19 to 2:57. Break from 3:58 to 4:18. I dreamed of Missy Green last night. I am in so much pain right now, you can't begin to understand... Enter Franklin County at 5:25! Less than three miles left, but I'm gonna sit here for an hour.
(ThermaRest. Disregard that.)

Saturday timeline part 1

Leave Marker 25.0 at 8:05 AM. Marker 25.5 at 8:15. Marker 26.0 at 8:25. Marker 26.5 at 8:35. Marker 27.0 at 8:46. Marker 27.5 at 8:56. It was three years ago tonight when I shot X X 9- 72 X X X X X XXX for 246, followed by X X X X X X X X X XXX for my second career 300 game. (That's 20 strikes in row to finish the night!) For the night, I went 171, 200, 246, 300. When I shot my 300, my partner Bobby shot 277. Our opponents shot 311 to our 577. Why couldn't they shoot 540 or something? I mean we could have scored 45 or 50 pins below our averages and still won. Marker 28.0 at 9:05. Short break. Leave Marker 28.0 at 9:19. Marker 28.5 at 9:28. Marker 29.0 at 9:38. (End trail.) McDonald's at 10:00. 14 miles to go.