Thursday, August 23, 2007

You owe me nothing

You knew this was coming: No one who reads this blog owes me anything. There's no doubt I need a lot of new gear, and I wish y'all could help me get it, but I know it'll be nearly impossible to convince manufacturers to set me up. Still I hope... Monday morning I got a ride from Trinidad, California to Eugene, Oregon with a nice woman named Gail. Monday night I ran out of money. Tuesday I walked around Eugene, feeling kinda low, thinking I should fly a sign asking for money but too afraid to actually do it. For the second straight day I didn't eat much. By Tuesday evening I'd wandered away from Eugene and into Springfield, where I found a nice place to sleep. Wednesday morning I waited by a Rte 126 on-ramp for a few minutes. There was no sign prohibiting pedestrians, so I started walking east. Several miles later the expressway became a surface street and my hunger overpowered my fear
of flying a sign. Unable to find a piece of cardboard, I wrote a short plea for help in my notebook...